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Perception of The Greenhouse Project

I received an e-mail that asked why the non-profit Greenhouse Project (TGP) could sell mushrooms to Adele's Cafe (Adele's Facebook posting March 22nd). Supervisor Abowd is founder and president of TGP and co-owner with her husband Charlie of Adele's Cafe. The e-mail question and response follow.

Investigate the Bundy Ranch Incident

The following is 200 words, precisely at the limit for a letter to the editor of a newspaper. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO USE IT.

Dear Governor,
US Senators and Congressmen,
State Senators and Assemblymen,

Please launch a full investigation of the Bundy Ranch incident last week.

The Greens’ Peak-Oil Limits-to-Growth Apocalypse That Wasn’t

A few years ago, some experts predicted the world was about to reach a peak in global oil and gas production to be followed soon by marked decline. It would cause “war, famine, pestilence and death” – the biblical Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Another version: “war, starvation, economic recession, possibly even the extinction of homo sapiens.”

Why Protest Common Core On April 5

On Saturday April 5 at 11AM there will be a demonstration against Common Core in front of the Legislature Building on Carson Street between 4th and 5th Streets. It s part of a simultaneous multi-state effort.


To understand why it is very important for everyone to come to this event, please consider the following.

Apocalypse now: population bomb to global warming

“The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s, the world will undergo famines – hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death …”

So began The Population Bomb, a 1968 advocacy book by Dr. Paul Ehrlich. He indicted American affluence and uncontrolled procreation as key parts of the over-population apocalypse he foresaw and thus as pernicious problems to be solved by Draconian public-sector and even international action.

Carson City Republic Central Committee vetting designed to find candidates who meet CCRCC values

The Carson City Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) is an organization of local citizens interested in participating in and promoting Carson City Republican Party values and it's candidates for public office.

The membership meets monthly on the fourth Thursday of the month at the Silver State Charter High School. Anyone can attend these meetings and can, as a registered Republican, become a member of the CCRCC. It is an excellent venue to learn the views of local candidates and public office holders as well as share with them your views.

Nevada Assembly Seat 40 candidate Jed Block rejects Republican Party’s vetting committee

On Tuesday, March 25th, Jed Block, Republican candidate for Assembly District 40, sent the following statement to the Vetting Committee of the Carson City Republican Central Committee. Assembly District 40 encompasses Carson City and portions of Washoe County:

"In Carson City, a recently created, secret Republican Vetting Committee informed me – as an announced Republican candidate for AD 40 – when to appear before them. The closed meeting may not even be observed without an invitation.

Ideological ...Purity?

Consider that in the Republican Party there has been a sometimes rancorous, sometimes healthy, sometimes divisive debate between conservatives, moderates, progressives, libertarians, evangelicals, social conservatives / fiscal liberals, social liberals / fiscal conservatives, "me too but slower" socialists, big-government competent managers of the welfare state, the TEA Party, Ron Paul supporters, limited-government constitutionalists, etc. , at least since the Goldwater-Rockefeller showdown in 1964.

Open Letter To Gov. Sandoval RE: Common Core

Dear Governor,

There is no reason why YOU should feel any attachment to Common Core (CCSS). It was an "Every Child Left Behind" and a "Race To The Bottom" application, initiated by the former school chief and revised by the former Governor, which committed Nevada to adopt CCSS. The Legislature followed with bills in 2011 and 2013, none of which specified CCSS. It was the bureaucracy that chose to do that. The NRS, and bills such as AB288, only call for new standards and tests, without ever mentioning or unambiguously prescribing CCSS or SBAC.

The Quest for Ideological Purity - The Arrogance of the Carson City Republican Party

My compliments to Jed Block, Republican candidate for the Assembly 40th District, and his courage to reject the attempt by a small coterie of self-righteous, self-anointed, pseudo-intellectual purists of the Carson City Republican Party.

Block was informed when and where he should appear before the “recently created secret Republican Vetting Committee” so it members could decide whether the party should support his candidacy.” (See Nevada Appeal, March 26th.)

Dream, work, achieve: a story for our children

Nevada has some amazing people. This is a story about one of them, Dr. Thomas Schwenk, Dean of Nevada’s medical school – a story he tells to inspire beginning medical students and others.

Thirty years ago, after completing their medical residencies, Schwenk and a partner opened an office in a small northern Utah town. They were the only physicians in a large area, the closest hospital was an hour away, and even helicopter transport took time to arrange.

Debating state of our state song

If you live in Reno and are over 80, you may think "Home Means Nevada" is a stirring song.

But many people in the rest of Nevada, especially in Southern Nevada — with three-fourths of the state's population — never have seen the Truckee River, which runs from Lake Tahoe down through Reno. And unless the dictionary is your favorite book, you won't know a rill from a thrill.

Nevada and WNC’s gift to nation, the dead and our vets

“Four thousand faces of American military who had perished in Iraq stared at me,” said former Western Nevada College professor Don Carlson. “I realized that this war has been perhaps one of the most impersonal wars the U.S. ever fought.”

In 2008, the army veteran saw a Roster of the Dead, then totaling 4,000. He explains that with the all-volunteer military, more than in any previous war, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have been remote to the vast majority of Americans. Impersonal.

Downtown responses to the 1/8th cent tax and plans to move forward

I asked several downtown people what they think or feel about the passing of the 1/8th cent sales tax and what they see for Carson City’s future. The feelings are mixed, but the hope for an improved Carson City are united, the methods on how to do it have been up for discussion for many years and will be for many years to come.

Will Carson City businesses get free money?

Today Lori Bagwell pointed to the Plan of Expenditure at the Board of Supervisors meeting and asked for clarification before the Board took its final vote on the 8th of a cent sales tax increase.

Fuji Park and Bailey Fishing Pond will suffer

We were relieved to read that not all tribal members are supporting the proposed motocross track on the Washoe Tribe’s land. It gave us hope that the Washoe people really do believe in their statement that “the Washoe Tribe have long considered themselves stewards of our land and continue to maintain that position, never to compromise or sacrifice our environmental and archeologically sensitive lands.”

In our opinion the development of a motocross track in the proposed location would be a complete contradiction to this statement.

Empire Ranch Golf Course

View the Board of Supervisors meeting from December 5, 2013 at: www.accesscarsoncity.org or below. You will want to view Part 1 of the December 5th meeting starting at 2:35:00.

In this video recording, staff will first present the history of contractual obligation between the golf course and the City.

Staff will proceed to discuss other alternatives how the City may discharge the waste water from our sewer treatment plant, followed by how the City could possibly purchase the property.

Roger Hedgecock - Is this the best you can do?

“The Carson City Republican Central Committee, is hosting a program with Roger Hedgecock. You are invited to attend in room 3100 at the Nevada State Legislature on Saturday, March 8, 2014 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Roger Allan Hedgecock, is a conservative talk radio host and former mayor of San Diego, California. His show is syndicated by Radio America.”

Submitted to Carson Now by Carol Howell
Here is what Ms, Howell did not state in the spirit of “transparency” which now has become the new “buzzword” in American and Nevada Politics!

Carson City Supervisor Brad Bonkowski addresses Empire Ranch Golf Course issue

There is a lot of misinformation circulating regarding Carson City’s possible future involvement with the Empire Ranch Golf Course. I have heard and read many inaccurate statements regarding what actions, if any, the city might take in regards to the course. I want to help clear that up, and address the facts as I understand them.

Sheriff Furlong files for re-election: Community engagement cornerstone of continuous progress

On Monday morning, Sheriff Kenny Furlong walked across the court house parking lot and filed for re-election of the position he’s held for the last 11 years. Kenny and Undersheriff Steve Albertsen expressed their enthusiasm, not only for the community wide accomplishments that have been witnessed, but also for the positive direction that Carson City appears to be headed.

Partition not inevitable in Ukraine

Many believe that an east-west partition is inevitable in Ukraine, but it probably won't be that simple. 78% of the country's 44 million people are ethnic Ukrainians, including majorities in the city of Kiev and all 24 oblasts (provinces). Ethnic Russians make up only 18% of Ukraine's total population, though they are a majority in Crimea, an autonomous republic, and in Sevastopol, a city not officially part of Crimea where Russia's Black Sea Fleet is based.

Trio entitled to opinion, but not the facts on judicial, well-settled law

After listening to Jim Wheeler, Len Semas, and Don Gustavson talk on a poorly produced radio show called " Conversations from the Capital" they broached the subject and implied that arbitrary and capricious state nullification of federal laws was not only allowed but also a new
requirement and litmus test for candidacy to hold political office as a Republican. This is an insult to the Constitution and the rule of law.

They never cite case law to support their positions, but they present themselves as constitutional scholars and experts on the Bill of Rights. They are neither!

Partitian not inevitable in Ukraine

Many believe that an east-west partition is inevitable in Ukraine, but it probably won't be that simple. 78% of the country's 44 million people are ethnic Ukrainians, including majorities in the city of Kiev and all 24 oblasts (provinces). Ethnic Russians make up only 18% of Ukraine's total population, though they are a majority in Crimea, an autonomous republic, and in Sevastopol, a city not officially part of Crimea where Russia's Black Sea Fleet is based.

Ralph Denny, Sr.: A good man among our common men

Saturday, I attended a funeral in a somewhat cheerful mood. It was a celebration of the life of Ralph Denny, Sr., and he would have wanted it upbeat.

Over 350 people filled Carson City’s First Christian Church’s sanctuary and foyer. Ralph was not a celebrity or public figure, and few such folks were there – just the heart and soul of our local communities in abundance.
He was a fine man with such a great and joyous impact over 50 years on so many folks that most came in the same mood as me: sad to see Ralph gone, but feeling so much richer for knowing him, and wanting to celebrate him.

The 9th Circuit didn't invent equal protection

"After the voters of Nevada passed a law designating that marriage be defined as a union between a man and a woman, Nevada’s Democrat (sic) attorney general has co-opted with the ultra-liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and decided that 'we can’t win after the Ninth Circuit changed the rules' (by deciding in another case that any law that deals with homosexual people requires heightened scrutiny with regard to possible

-Teri A. Cotham of Gardnerville
Letter published in the Feb. 18th Nevada Appeal

Statement of proposal by Supervisor Jim Shirk read at Feb. 20 Board of Supervisors meeting

The following was read at the Feb. 20, 2014 Board of Supervisors meeting. I said the following:

A Better Plan for Carson City

Now is the time for courage in leadership as we seek to secure financing and determine the timing of projects through a cooperative effort which will bring together the community, city staff and elected officials.

Proposed 20/20 Group Compromise

Let's ignore the 80/800 group of businesses in Carson City, for the moment, and consider meeting the 20/20 group in a compromise over the sales tax increase to pay for their proposed ten million dollar corridor improvements. Why not have them put up half the money of $5 Million ($250K each) and the city can match their investment for the remaining half? Let's all compromise and meet them halfway. If they are willing to put up their money, where our taxes are to be spent, then let hear it for compromise.

Opinions about 1/8th cent sales tax vote

The Carson City Board of Supervisors is poised to vote tomorrow afternoon on a plan to raise sales taxes to fund improvements to the city's major corridors, a multi-purpose athletic center and a new animal shelter.

Several readers have offered up their opinions on this issue, which you can find in our Opinion section. Feel free to comment on those articles, or submit your own.

That darn 1/8th cent tax hike, again

In 2012 the people of Carson City voted DOWN the ballot initiative CC #1 which called for a 1/8th cent hike in the sales tax, to be used for a new library and other development downtown, including the reduction of traffic on Carson Street from 4 to 2 lanes so as to make room for wider, more pedestrian friendly sidewalks or additional street parking or both.

Open Letter to Supervisors

Carson City. . . a city but more importantly the Capital of Nevada. Only one city in each state of this great country can have that claim and distinction. Our history is extraordinary. Our city yearns to be the most innovative and the most attractive. When visitors come to Carson City, whether it is on business, an official visit or pleasure they should say, wow…
Please vote to improve Carson City into a city that every citizen can be proud.

We Deserve Better...

The Mayor said he would like our Board of Supervisors to approve a 1/8 cent sales tax increase. I’d like you to tell them to vote “NO.”

Not because we can’t afford the average $12.50 per family increase and not because none of the projects are worthwhile. It is because the Mayor and a few of our Supervisors have demonstrated that their vision of Carson City is one where an increased cost of living, increased debt, and increased long term fiscal obligations should be our future.

Thoughts and feedback of the Mayor’s 'State of the City' report

Three basic principles of leadership are: to willingly place the needs of others above your own; make decisions for the betterment of the majority, and have the courage and self discipline to stay the course regardless of the consequences.

As an elected official serving Carson City I would like to share my thoughts on the Mayor’s “State of the City” report which gave the status of the City’s financial stability, showed major accomplishments of the past year, and provided an overview of forthcoming projects.

Greetings from your Downtown 20/20 Group

My name is Dana Lee Fruend and I am the President of the 20/20 business group. I have lived in Nevada 36 years and I am a seven-year Carson City resident.

I am a business co-owner and the Executive Marketing Director for Agency 36 and the Marketing Director for the Carson HorseShoe Club. Agency 36 publishes the popular Carson Quarterly, featuring weekly and monthly events, activities, shopping, arts, restaurants and pubs.

Good news in the campaign against Common Core

This article is a slight rewrite of the an e-mail sent by the president of stopcommoncorenevada.com 1. We've had the best media coverage yet. Superintendent of Public Instruction Dale Erquiaga was on Jon Ralston 2/06/2014 discussing Common Core (from 17:50-24:40).  Jon read three of our emails and used them to pose some pointed questions.

The Proposed Carson City Sales Tax Increase — quit whining and start helping

As could be expected, the proposal to raise Carson City’s sales tax has brought out the “government is bad” crowd to whine about everything that could possibly go wrong. The problem with this approach is that there ends up being such a long list of gripes that it’s hard to take any of it seriously. There have no focus, just a terrified howl of discontent about the sky falling.

Shield Our Children Against More Sandy Hook Style Murders

Some additional but seldom considered facts about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown Connecticut are important if we wish to protect the children rather than demagogue the issue. The following two links can provide insight into the problem while ignoring the campaign slogans and political posturing. We need to start acting like men instead and assume the responsibility that all men have to protect innocent life. Children die when grown men act like children, instead of men.

School shootings, gun control and you

Thirteen months ago, Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and killed twenty students and six members of the school’s staff. Earlier, Lanza shot and killed his mother before driving to the school on his deadly mission. His death at the scene from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head ended the brutal killing spree. In the days following the horrific event, calls for sane gun control from a variety of sectors of our society were heard across the country.

City Staff and the 1/8 cent Tax Scam

I am adamantly opposed to the 1/8 cent tax increase to fund proposed city projects. I resent the efforts of city staff to “bundle” these projects, falsely represent them as necessary, and, by omission, deceive voters as to the true costs of these efforts. While at the work shop on January 21st, no one could tell me where the tax budget shortfall was for these projects, and there was no clearly demonstrable need.

Taxing Carson City More?

Carson City NV

Yet another proposal to spend money by our city government has been proposed once again to build animal shelters, athletic centers and improve 'corridors'. After the failed city center proposal there seems to be no end to new possibilities for our public officials to spend more taxpayer money. Much like our state and federal governments, increased spending seems to be pandemic. Are these all worthwhile and worthy endeavors?

The Value Proposition

Rational Carsonites carefully deploy their finite personal capital for maximum value and tangible results. Conversely, our city's officials serially ignore the value proposition, favoring redundant, feel-good projects lacking objective analysis, justification and worthwhile benefits. Core civic services and infrastructure maintenance suffer.

The recent initiative to raise sales taxes, projected to saddle taxpayers with $15 million of additional long-term debt, is largely ($13 million) targeted for more indoor basketball courts and arterial street beautification projects.

1/8 of a cent sale tax increase

The City staff drafted an agenda item that would increase sales tax by 1/8 of a cent.

This increase will help to fund various corridor projects; it will also allow the City to build the Animal Shelter, and the Multi-Purpose Athletic Center. The allocated expense of all projects does not include any debt service fees, interest nor any maintenance, service fees, staffing, or other related cost after completion.

Do something in 2014; rekindle the spirit of 1776

The descendants of Jefferson's Democratic Republicans are the conservatives and the TEA Party. The descendants of Hamilton's Federalists are the big-government "progressive" establishment Republicans. Today's Democrats are descendants of Karl Marx.

Letter: More explanation needed in Carson City Sheriff's Office embezzlement case

As an announced candidate for Carson City Sheriff I feel obligated to respond to the recently posted news article on Carson Now regarding a Sheriff’s office employee who allegedly embezzled money in the neighborhood of $100,000 dollars.

Cheerios are GMO free? It's a good start

Americans have a right to know what’s in their food. We expect to see labels identifying calories, fat and other content when we buy food. So why not identify genetically modified ingredients?

You can curse the darkness, or light a candle.

You can curse the darkness, or light a candle.

You can complain about politics and politicians, or you can participate in defining the
issues and getting them enacted; selecting your candidates and getting them elected.
The key word is PARTICIPATE.

The Carson City Republican Central Committee gives you several opportunities to
participate in whatever way you like. Just remember that nothing gets done unless
people get down to doing it.

Stop cursing the darkness. Light a candle. In these strange times it is not an

Meet the Jack-booted Thugs of the Nevada Republican Party

One of the core principles of conservatism has always been the concept of limited government which demands giving citizens more control on how they shape their local environment and policy, which by extension places more emphasis on local government and the ability of the citizen to participate in the democratic process, giving more access of the citizen to their locally elected officials.

Deep Thoughts, Cheap Thoughts and Bonbons

The New Year has begun, and quite surprisingly the past year has gone by extremely fast. Unsurprisingly, rarely did anything surprise me during my first year as a Supervisor. Granted there are moments when one believes he/she is making the right and prudent decision, but I did learn that regardless of how one votes, there will always be consequences.

What is most popular in the public opinion could and often does influence and create pressure for city staff to revitalize their position on the issues of the day, and then they may or may not make an agenda item for that subject matter.

The Education of Len Semas-Jim Wheeler and the Modern Conservative Movement-Is Barry Goldwater A Liberal?

Event Date: 
December 29, 2013 (All day)

Barry Goldwater’s War against the Religious Right

Known as ‘Mr. Conservative,’ Barry Goldwater embodied conservative values throughout his service as a Senator from Arizona, but he would oppose much of what conservatives have been doing today.

Present day conservatives take many of their marching orders from the Christian right, also known as social conservatives, but Barry Goldwater resoundingly rejected them as extremists who disgrace the word ‘conservatism.’

Lake Tahoe: Can we save it?

Development, climate change and runoff threaten to soil the waters of pristine Lake Tahoe. The largest, clearest lake of its kind in North America, Tahoe draws 3 million visitors to Nevada and California every year.

PBS NewsHour recently featured KQED's documentary on efforts to save Tahoe's pristine waters and to protect it for generations to come.

Carson City public safety column: Teen drinking on New Year's Eve is not only illegal but dangerous

Do you know where your teenager will be this New Year's Eve? Chances are they may very well be at a party. Every year the Carson City Sheriff's Office respond to reports of juveniles drinking at residences. Often these calls come in due to the music playing too loud, vehicles being parked illegally or a disturbance has broken out.

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