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Western Nevada and Northern California fishing report for the week of April 27

Here is the fishing report for Western Nevada, Northern California and the Sierra for the week of April 27. Opening Day for fishing on California lakes and streams is April 30.

Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530) 365-7500 www.shastacascade.com reports:

Water surface temperatures are at 44.7 degrees and water clarity has improved in most areas to 6.5 to 7.5 feet.
Lake Almanor looks great, and the bite has really picked up.
Welcome to "Prime Time."
Water clarity and lake levels are improving daily. Surface temperatures are on the rise and a few more days of sunshine and bug hatches will have this lake fishing about as good as it gets.
The trolling bite has been very good along the east shore from the Snag to Skinny Dip Beach. Lake Cove has green Midge hatches happening big time, stimulating the hungry Trout and Salmon populations.
Fish are active, and are feeding on Midge larva as they move up toward the surface, where swallows are waiting to grab them as they make their break airborne. Look for swallows, the fish are just below.
Bug hatches are starting to happen all around the lake, but the east side is well ahead of most areas. And the fish are right there...all of them.  Browns, Rainbows, and King Salmon, and we got many of each the last couple of days. Lake Cove has been my #1 go to spot this past week. We have been working that area and have got limits of 10 fish and up every day.
The bite really picks up after 8:00 am and has been solid to 1:00 p.m., and even after that fish continue to casually feed.
The Salmon were all running 19 to 19.5 "one was 24" and weighted 4.8 lbs and they all looked very good.
Rainbows were all over the range, running from 13" to 20".
Brown Trout are showing up in bigger numbers too, as the fish have started to concentrate in areas where the bug hatches are abundant, it took them a while, but they figured it out.
All our strikes have come in the top 16 ft. of water; most fish have been in the 2 lb. range.
If you go deeper than 25 ft., set your releases light, there are a bunch of small recently planted Salmons down there, and you could be dragging one around and not even know it.
Areas to avoid: The Hamilton Branch, brown water still coming out of the Powerhouse, clarity 2 ft. Big Springs, current flows take that brown water right into Big Springs, clarity about 3.5ft.
The Public ramps at Canyon Dam and the USFS ramps on the west shore are open with docks and plenty of parking.
The Private ramp at Almanor West is open, but the dock is not in place as of yesterday. Private ramps at Rec. #1 and # 2 are open with docks.
Lake levels are rising, watch for floating hazards while on plane! 
Smaller boats not advised if wind is forecasted.
Dress for cool morning conditions, and a possible light spring shower.
— Courtesy of Doug Neal

Rick and Patti Apted - Lake Sabrina Boat Landing (760) 873-7425 www.lakesabrinaboatlanding.com reports:
Sabrina Lake:
Another season -  number 38 for the Apted family and it looks to be the best yet - we've got a full crew - Len & Ginny are back along with Brian and the Apteds - may even have a few others joining us.
So you want to know if we'll have ice-fishing, Rick thinks so - the Lake looks awesome - only down by about 30 feet with a nice white slab on top. No doubt the fish will be hungry - especially those BIG Browns.
If you come up to ice-fish, you'll need something to cut the ice - such as an ice auger or we've seen some chainsaws out there (you can get really wet using those). Then you stand around your hole, drop down your lure or bait and jig - that's about it - pretty easy.
The store and cafe will open at 7:00am for Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday - Lunch will be served starting at 11:00am to 4:00pm. We even have homemade pie. The cafe will be closed Monday thru Thursday for a bit (until the week before Memorial Day).

Jared Smith - Parcher’s Resort (760) 873-4177 sierrasmitty@cebridge.net reports:
Fishmas Nears! Well folks, it has been a very long and snowy winter but spring is now upon us, which means it's fishing time!
The General Trout Season Opener for all waters in the Inyo and Mono county area is Saturday April 30th.
Because nobody has been allowed to fish yet we don't have a fishing report per say, but here is a report on the conditions one week out from the opener.
South Lake: Ice conditions at South Lake are thus far unclear – no reports of anyone drilling through the ice to test its thickness – but if years past are any indicator, there will be ice fishing at South Lake this season.
As always, we urge anyone looking to ice fish to use extreme caution – it’s not worth injury or worse to catch a limit of trout.
Southern California Edison is doing some work at the South Lake dam this spring, which is very fortunate for folks looking to wet a line up at South lake this opener because unlike most years, SCE has cleared the road of snow the entire way up to the lake.
Before you get your hopes up too high, unfortunately the road will still be closed to public vehicle traffic at just above Parchers Resort – there simply isn’t enough parking up there to accommodate everyone. Thankfully, the usual 1 mile post-holing hike in the snow will be a relatively easy stroll along a snow-less paved road to reach the lake.
South Fork Bishop Creek: Snow levels below the 8,500ft mark are actually quite modest and access to the creek in these areas should be excellent. Above that elevation the snow begins to deepen with drifts anywhere from a 18" in some places to 6 ft or more in others.
While working at Parchers on Friday 4/22/11 we watched the DFG stock the South Fork Bishop Creek. We're not exactly sure how far up the creek they put fish in but it would be reasonable to assume that they were able to stock the usual holes from Weir Pond on down.
Lake Sabrina: The road is clear and is expected to be open to the public for the fishing opener. The lake level is uncharacteristically high for this time of year and the ice looks great. Again, anyone looking to ice fish Sabrina should use extreme caution.
North Lake: Rumor has it that the county will try and clear the road to the lake but that is an unconfirmed report as of yet.

Dave Kirby of the Woodfords Station (866) 694-2930 www.woodfordsstation.com reports:
The road is closed for the winter.

Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760) 932-7707 www.kenssport.com reports:
Opening day is April 30, 2011. Ken's Guide Service is starting to get some bookings for Bridgeport so if you'd like to have a guided day of fishing on the pontoon boat just give us a call to check for availability!

Fishing season opens on Saturday, April 30.

Dave Kirby of the Woodfords Station (866) 694-2930 www.woodfordsstation.com reports:
West Carson River: The river is up and it should be a little more muddy by this weekend, but it will be fishable.
The river will be planted this week by the Alpine County Fish and Game Commission with large trout from the hatchery in Susanville.

Todd Sodaro of the Carson River Resort (877) 694-2229 www.carsonriverresort.com reports:
East Carson River Area: The river will be planted this week by the Alpine County Fish and Game Commission with large trout from the hatchery in Susanville.

Jen Heintzelman of Convict Lake Resort (800) 992-2260 www.convictlakeresort.com reports:
There is only one small section at the back of the lake to melt before you can walk all the way around. 
The campground will officially open today April 27, 2011 according to the U.S. Forest Service. 
ALL CALL...we have TWO CABINS OPEN this weekend for fishing opener: Brooke and the Bristlecone Spa Cabin, last minute cancellations due to illness.  Call (760) 934-3800 for reservations.
We are a California Department of Fish & Game Outlet and have upgraded to the new system.  It is best if you bring your drivers license with you to purchase a fishing license.
Here is a good list of bait to start with: nightcrawlers, Trout Teasers, Midges, Panther Martin, Thomas Buoyants, Green Woolly Bugger, White Mini Jig and Garlic Power Bait.  
We are carrying a new bait in the General Store this summer YUM TroutKrilla...we have a special going for the summer buy one get one free jar of YUM dough bait. Try it out and let us know what you think!
One Booyah Flipstah casting game will be given out each week to a lucky angler entering their fish into our photo gallery sponsored by YUM. 
Stay tuned next week for Opening Weekend highlights!

Kent of The Trout Fly and Troutfitter (760) 934-2517 www.thetroutfitter.com reports:
Crowley is ice free as of 4/7. The lake is brim full within 10 ft of the spillway, as high as they ever normally take it. This is a good thing!

Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530) 365-7500 www.shastacascade.com reports:
Fall River opens for fishing on April 30th, 2011. That's the last Saturday in April! River conditions are good. A little on the high side, but rainbow trout are cruising, swilling down PMDs and all other bugs of that Mayfly ilk. On Fall River in the month of May, expect hatches of pale morning duns that can carpet the river. Early spring hatches of this rainbow trout food staple produce some of the best dry fly fishing to be found anywhere!
A fly box during the month of May should have # 18 Tilt Wing Dun PMDs, # 18 Last Chance Cripple PMDs, Norman's Wiggle Tail PT # 16-18, Zack's Swimming Leech in black and olive, # 16-18 Micro Mays in brown and olive and last but far from least, you must have # 16-18 PT.
Fall River is such a diverse stream. Prolific hatches can keep most anglers opening their fly box in search of just the right fly for that hog that keeps poking it's nose up next to the bank. Go to this river prepared with more than a few Nymphs, dries and leeches. Expect 16"-20" rainbows that will break your 6x tippet if you are not careful.
— Courtesy of The Fly Shop

Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530) 365-7500 www.shastacascade.com reports:
Striper fishing on the Feather has dropped off considerably thanks to the heavy boat pressure. There are still fish spread from Verona to Yuba City but things appear to be winding down.
Up in the Low Flow section, Craig Bentley at Huntington’s reports that there are still some nice steelhead to be caught.
Fly fishers have been using salmon fry patterns, Caddis, Mayfly, or Stonefly Nymphs, fished on light line 4x or 5x, leaders underneath a strike indicator, with split shot.
Conventional gear anglers are using crawlers, king meal worms, crawdad trails, Gulp Worms.
Steelhead lately have averaged 2 to 3 pounds, with fish up to 6 pounds.
— Courtesy of JD Richey

Wiggin’s Trading Post at Chilcoot (530) 993-4683 reports:
The lake is filling up, and fishing is excellent at the lake. The boat docks are in the water, both at Frenchman's and Lunker's.
Frenchman and Chilcoot campgrounds are open.
You can get to either boat landing with no problem.
The fishermen have been using nightcrawlers and marshmallows (white or Chartreuse). Some are using flies, such as Dark Lord, Prince Nymph, or Woolly Buggers.
The streams are open on Saturday, April 30th.

Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530) 365-7500 www.shastacascade.com reports:
The Lake is filling up, and fishing is excellent. 
The boat docks are in the water, both at Frenchman's and Lunker's. Frenchman and Chilcoot campgrounds are open.
You can get to either boat landing with no problem.
The fishermen have been using nightcrawlers and marshmallows (white or Chartreuse). Some are using flies, such as Dark Lord, Prince Nymph, or Woolly Buggers.
The streams are open on Saturday, April 30th. 
— Courtesy of Wiggin’s Trading Post

Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( HYPERLINK "http://www.shastacascade.com" www.shastacascade.com) reported:
Hat Creek opens for fishing on April 30th, 2011. Last Saturday in April!
Not many rivers in Shasta County are fishable due to snow run-off. Hat Creek is a spring fed creek. Few tributaries contribute much if any negative volume or color to this fly fishing icon.
Rainbow trout will be there, will you?
Hat Creek is going to be great for this year’s opener.
Anglers should expect hatches of pale morning duns, green drakes, mahoganies, blue wing olives, Baetis, Caddis.
Bring a fly box including Mercer's Missing Link # 16, Last Chance Cripple Green Drake # 12, Pseudo Mays # 18, Micro Mays #16-18, Rubberlegs # 6-8.  We are really looking forward to the salmon fly hatches on Hat Creek that start after warmer days in late May.
— Courtesy of The Fly Shop

Fishing season opens on Saturday, April 30.

Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760) 934-6101 www.performanceanglers.com reports:
Hot Creek
 Water flow is 13cfs. Fishing here  remains  good and conditions  have changed little. The mayfly hatch has been a bit off and on. Nymph fish with FB pheasant tails, gray WD-40's and caddis larva.
BWO patterns on the surface.

Kent of The Trout Fly and Troutfitter (760) 934-2517 www.thetroutfitter.com reports:
Water Conditions: Good. Flows are steady at 28 CFS and water is clear as of 4/26.
Gate is now open to the canyon section parking lots so no more hike.
You can drive right up to the water at the Interpretive Center
Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Excellent. Major hatches last couple of days despite cool temps. Wait for heat wave this weekend - May Fly City.
Use small Midges early and BWO's later in the morning and into the afternoon. Fish are seeing more people and getting a little more choosy
It gets going by 9 am, sometimes earlier.

Dave Kirby of the Woodfords Station (866) 694-2930 www.woodfordsstation.com reports:
Last Sunday, Chris Vazquez of Gardnerville caught a 4.5 pound rainbow (22 inches) with a silver Kastmaster lure.

Fishing season opens on Saturday, April 30.

Fishing season opens on Saturday, April 30.
Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530) 365-7500 www.shastacascade.com reports:
Flows are high at 3,700 CFS. Tough conditions, fishing is tough too. All the snow we have has to melt. Not the best conditions for our old friend the Klamath River. Sub 2,000 CFS releases out of Iron Gate dam are best. All the recent rain and snow has made this river, which is usually a solid bet at this time of year, not such a solid bet. Wait for June and hope flows come down.
— Courtesy of The Fly Shop

Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530) 365-7500 www.shastacascade.com reports:
Good water conditions, fishing is good to great.
Huge fish lurk here! It's a blast when it's on.
Suspending tiny midges, stripping Woolly Buggers and retrieving leeches on Lewiston Lake has produced some really nice rainbows in recent days and weeks. Use a full sinking type 7 line for fast, speedy retrieves, like Woolly Buggers cast to the shallow bank and stripped back through progressively deeper water. 
RIO's Auqua Lux Intermediate Sink Fly Line is a great all around line for slow or fast retrieves on Lewiston.
Insect hatches of Callibaetis are frequent.
Finding fish on the surface happens.
Fishing has improved as water clarity has improved. Funny how the fishing improves as the weather gets better. A knowledgeable guide is key to getting the results on Lewiston.
You can't go too small. Can you? When using indicators, the takes can be difficult to detect and grasp, and then the takes can be electric. Successful indicator anglers keep the flies in the water, all the way to the backing, then low and slooooow retrieve. Sink tip fly lines allow anglers to retrieve leeches and Buggers fast or slow.
— Courtesy of The Fly Shop

Fishing season opens on Saturday, April 30.

Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760) 934-6101 www.performanceanglers.com reports:
Lower Owens River: Water flow 554 CFS. Fishing is poor due to high water flow.

Kent of The Trout Fly and Troutfitter (760) 934-2517 www.thetroutfitter.com reports:
Upper Owens River Water Conditions: As of 4/26 flows are steady at 70 CFS above the Hot Creek confluence.
'Still cold water but nice and clear so get those Nymphs and streamers down to where the fish are.
Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Good to Excellent. Fish are getting more active with each day.
Dry action is excellent with good hatches midday.
Nymphing, streamers, Midges early and Baetis midday.
Owens River Gorge Water conditions: Great. Flow: 45 CFS. This is a permanent flow required to be maintained by LADWP. Water is clear and cold.
Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Excellent. No stinging nettles yet and fishing has been great. Good place to beat the crowds. 20 F hotter than Hot Creek or Upper O on cooler days.
Take water along as it is hot these days.
Lower Owens River Water Conditions: Flows are still raging at 551 CFS as of 4/26. Wading not recommended.
Watch out for crumbling bank. Water is warming fast.
Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Fair to poor. Try to find areas of slower moving water and stay subsurface until the flows subside.
Also try more towards Big Pine as river is wider with no banks.

Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530) 365-7500 www.shastacascade.com reports:
The Pit River is high and crazy! Water is dumping over the top of Lake Britton Dam into Pit #3. Too high. Fishing guides are not recommending fishing anywhere on the Pit river until early June at best.
— Courtesy of The Fly Shop

Fishing season opens on Saturday, April 30.

George and Carla Molino of the Pyramid Lake Store (775) 476-0555 www.fishpyramid.com reports:
They are doing well even with all of the winds we have had.
The fly guys are doing good, but not the boats due to the wind.
Some 9+ pounders are being caught and released.
When the boats can get out, they are catching 3-12 fish per boat.
The mornings and evenings have been most productive for fly guys.
The Pyramid side of the lake is closed.

Fishing season opens on Saturday, April 30.

Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530) 365-7500 www.shastacascade.com reports:
The fishing remains good here in Redding!
River flows are 6,000 cubic feet per second (CFS), with no changes in the forecast for now.
Conditions are excellent! Hot flies have been Superflash PTs, Mercer's Beaded Biot Epoxy Golden Stones # 8-14, Pat's Brown Rubber Legs # 4-8, Zack's TB Pseudo May in brown or olive # 16-18.
Oregon Cheese Micro Spawns continue to produce hook-ups! 
Fishermen have found the occasional rising fish.
Have a second rod ready to go with a Sparkle Dun Sulphur or a Tilt Wing Dun-PMD attached to a 11' leader @ 5x.
Pink Albert's are coming off the water after 2:00 PM, pushing the bite into the late afternoon hours, after 5:00 PM. PMDs are popping up steadily all day. Fishermen are expecting thick PMD hatches anytime, any day. The bite is definitely best in the late morning through 3:30. Hard to justify stopping and eating lunch!
— Courtesy of The Fly Shop
Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530) 365-7500 www.shastacascade.com reports:
The Upper Sacramento is flowing at 3,500 CFS near where it meets Lake Shasta. The fishing is tough! Too much water! Snow run-off will prevent us from enjoying safe productive fishing. For now, we are expecting this river to drop to ideal levels in July. The Upper Sacramento River in the town of Dunsmuir, CA. is high and fast. Only the most dedicated anglers will find a fish or two. If conditions are not tough enough for you in Dunsmuir, go down stream to Sims Road where the river is roaring. This river is not ready yet. Plan for mid July before we can wet a line here. As this river drops, the possibilities will present themselves.
— Courtesy of The Fly Shop

Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760) 934-6101 www.performanceanglers.com reports:
Road closed.

Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530) 365-7500 www.shastacascade.com reports:
The Lake is near full. Lots of water this again this year. This is great for fishing conditions.
Fishing is fair. Picking up more fish as the weeks go on.
Rainbow trout fishing is fair. Catching Rainbows now on the surface. 
A few Salmon are starting to be caught near the Dam, salmon from 15 to 20 inches. Trolling Cripp lures and Wiggle Hoochies for salmon is best bet, 35 to 50 ft deep. 
Shad balls have also been seen around O' Brien on the Sacramento Arm.
As weeks go on fishing will hit its prime. 
Looking forward to many adult King Salmon and very large trout this year fishing Lake Shasta.  
— Courtesy of Outdoor Adventures

Gene St. Denis of Blue Ribbons Charters (530) 544-6552) www.blueribbonfishing.com reports:
Same report as last week:
North Shore: We’ve been getting our limits of average-sized (2-6 pounds) Mackinaw (Lake) Trout with larger Macks running up to 10-12 pounds.
We have been trolling at The Tavern Hole, Cal Neva Point, Dollar Point and Sugar Pine Point, 110-220 feet deep, with either Dodgers and minnows or Dodgers and large Trophy Stick lures.
East Shore: Shore fishing at Cave Rock Landing has been slow for small rainbows and an occasional brown or Mack.

The three-day John Riordan Invitational Fishing Derby was held on April 24-25-26 with about 50 entrees.
The winner with the biggest fish was Dez Lamotte of Carson City with a 2-pound, 15.5-ounce trout caught while still fishing from a boat near the mouth of the West Walker River.

Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530) 365-7500 www.shastacascade.com reports:
The Lake is now at 94 percent capacity.

Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530) 365-7500 www.shastacascade.com reports:
Fishing is tough and getting tougher!
Releases on the Trinity are increasing and will peak at a whopping 11,000 CFS on May 4th and hang there for three days. Releases only slightly drop to 4,500 CFS by May 9th. Through the summer, releases will gradually drop to 450 CFS by August 1st. The Trinity River is indeed "Wet".
Consider other options like Lewiston Lake until late July at the earliest!
The Fly Fishing Only Section, above the Old Bridge located in Lewiston, CA. on the Trinity River is open, but fishing is tough.
Flows will be too high by next Friday to safely fish this river from the bank.
— Courtesy of The Fly Shop

Fishing season opens on Saturday, April 30.

Fishing season opens on Saturday, April 30.
The Nevada Department of Wildlife www.ndow.org reports:
No fish have been reported or seen at Walker Lake so far this fishing season. Mineral County Road Dept. has done some work on the State Parks Launch. Launching is improved but you still need four wheel drive.

Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760) 932-7707 www.kenssport.com reports:
East Walker – West Walker – Sceirine Ranch - Hunewill Pond:
East Walker River: Happy Easter everyone! The East Walker is running 337 CFS as of yesterday. We talked to a couple anglers that were down there yesterday and they said that in spite of the flow change they were still able to catch fish.
It sounds like it's not totally red-hot down there right now, but most anglers are catching fish each day, I'd say it's more steady than red-hot.
Still small Midge patterns have been doing the best, Flashback Emergers, WD-40's, Military Mayflies, silver streaks, GT Emergers and San Juan Worms have all been producing. We've had a few good reports from the Rosachi as well though it seems not quite as good as the Cali side. Princes, Pheasant Tails, Birds Nests and San Juans have been doing well, we've also had a couple decent reports on streamers down there.
West Walker River: Opens on Saturday, April 30.
Sceirine Ranch: The ranch has been fishing good this past week as well, slightly larger bugs have been doing well, in the 14 to 18 size range.
Birds Nests, San Juan Worms, light brite Princes, Flashback Emergers, Flashback PT's and the like.
Hunewill Pond: The Pond is thawed out now but I haven't had a chance to get out there to fish it, as soon as I do I'll let you know how it's going!

Kent of The Trout Fly and Troutfitter (760) 934-2517 www.thetroutfitter.com reports:
East Walker River Water Conditions:  Flows finally popped up to 343 on 4/23 and steady there for last three days.
Lowering the reservoir to get ready for runoff.
Fishing Conditions and Hatches:Good to Excellent. The fishing is a little tougher at these flows but still some excellent fish being caught by guides and their clients.
Good Baetis hatches mid-morning with warm weather.
Streamers on the swing is also producing.

Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760) 934-6101 www.performanceanglers.com) reports:
East Walker River: Water flow 340 CFS. The water flow jumped up on Sat. and slowed fishing a bit. Best bet is Nymphing with gray or black Midge pupa,WD-40's and  Prince Nymphs. Not much surface activity.

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Low pressure in Central California will lift into the region Saturday night into Sunday, according to the National Weather Service in Reno.

The front will likely bring showers and thunderstorms to the region with moderate rainfall. A band of rain is likely to develop along the Interstate 80 corridor from Lake Tahoe to Winnemucca overnight into Sunday morning. How much rain in the Carson City region, if any, is uncertain.

The King Fire, which started a week ago, Sept. 13, has now burned nearly 81,000 acres east of Pollock Pines in El Dorado County. As of Saturday morning, the human-caused fire is 10 percent contained.

Dog lovers and their pooches by the dozens turned out Saturday for the third annual 5K9 run and walk at River View Park in Carson City.

The event was a fundraiser for the Carson Animal Services Initiative, also known as CASI, which brought out canines that ranged from the yipping pint-sized and standard to those with muscle mass and brawn that packed hearty barks.

Carson took on Spanish Springs Friday night in a textbook definition of a lively varsity football game. The contest was held at Carson who came in at 2-0 prior and the Cougars of Spanish Springs who came in at 1-1. It was a close game no doubt, with Spanish Springs edging out Carson 28-27.

Fall is returning to the area and as the days and nights become cooler, many deer are being seen around Carson City. This brings another challenge to drivers who typically do not see them on the city streets. As they forage for food and water, they cross yards and roadways in their search.

As you drive around the city be aware that they may dart out in front of you when you least expect it. With this in mind, pay attention to the speed limits and drive very carefully in areas where visibility is limited by trees and bushes.

Carson ATA Karate for Kids is providing a free community Bullying Prevention and Stranger Safety seminar on Saturday, Sept. 27 to kick off National Bullying Prevention Month in October.

The event, starting at 11 a.m., begins with the reading of a proclamation by Carson City Supervisor Brad Bonkowski, proclaiming October as Carson City Bullying Prevention Month, followed by Sheriff Ken Furlong talking about bullying and stranger safety from a law enforcement perspective.

Renowned Dayton artist, Steven Saylor, has completed his painting “Nine Cheers for the Silver State,” featuring current governor Brian Sandoval, the two U.S. Senators from Nevada, and Mark Amodei, who represents the Northern Nevada congressional district.

The painting celebrates the 150th anniversary of Nevada statehood and will raise funds for the Comstock Foundation for History and Culture, a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration and promotion of the Comstock Historic District, a National Historic Landmark.

In a remarkable interfaith gesture, Christian of various denominations, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish and Baha’i leaders gathered Wednesday at the Governor’s Mansion in Carson City and prayed for the welfare of Nevada on its 150th anniversary as a state.

Organized by religious statesman Rajan Zed and Nevada 150 this “Nevada 150 Signature Event” was presided over by Nevada Lieutenant Gov. Brian K. Krolicki.

West Nile Virus has been found in additional areas of Carson City, the Nevada Department of Agriculture said Friday. It has confirmed the presence in tested wetlands, ditches and other small bodies of water done early September, primarily along the I-580 freeway.

UPDATE: Air quality monitors in Carson City and Gardnerville are reporting levels of particulate matter in the unhealthy range due to smoke from the King fire in California, according to Nevada environmental health officials.

People with heart or lung disease, older adults, and children should consider moving activities indoors and avoid prolonged or heavy exertion. Everyone else should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion.

Bicycling has become a very popular form of transportation, exercise and sport. We have seen a sharp increase in riders around the Carson City area and have observed both good and bad bicycle operators.

Many laws are in effect to protect bicyclists as they travel down the road but if you are a rider, there are some laws that apply to you as well. A cyclist is required to ride on the right side of the roadway so as to flow with traffic.

Carson City's unemployment rate fell slightly to 7.5 percent in August along with Nevada's overall unemployment rate which also dipped to 7.6 percent, the lowest since August 2008 and down 2.2 points from a year ago, the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation reports Friday.

Among the nearly 4,000 individuals currently fighting the King Fire in El Dorado County, Calif., there are several from northern Nevada including Carson City with an engine and four firefighters, and crews from Storey, Washoe and Douglas counties. It's been a long few days for the members of the strike team who were called to the fire.

The northern Nevada team was one of the first to show up at the King Fire. "We're clearing in preparation for the fire coming and pretty much whatever we need to do to protect structures and get a hold on this fire," said Capt. Jason Danen with Carson City Fire.

A 46-year-old woman was arrested Thursday on battery charges after she allegedly lunged at a bartender, hit a bar manager with a cell phone and, later, kicked an officer as she was being arrested for disorderly conduct, a Carson City sheriff’s deputy said.

Carson City Health and Human Services, Job Opportunities in Nevada (JOIN), and the Carson City Chamber of Commerce are presenting a Job Fair at the Community Center on Friday, September 26, 2014 at 2:00–4:30 P.M. for the general public.

In a hopeful sign for the Northern Nevada lands bills awaiting a vote in the Senate, Congressman Mark Amodei's (NV-2) Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe – Fish Springs Ranch Settlement Act last night passed the Senate and is now headed to the President for signature.

"I want to thank Senators Reid and Heller for their work to pass this bill, as well as Senator Flake for releasing his hold," said Amodei. "This is good news for water users in the Truckee Meadows."

Fulcrum BioEnergy’s Sierra BioFuels Plant that is being built in Storey County received a $70 million grant boost from the Department of Defense’s Advanced Drop-in Biofuels Production Project, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid announced Friday.

The grant award follows the Sept. 4 announcement by U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack at the National Clean Energy Summit that the Department of Agriculture had finalized a $105 million loan guarantee for the Sierra BioFuels plant.

Marijuana dispensary business licenses in Carson City will require $25,000 the first year based on direction the Board of Supervisors gave staff Thursday.

UPDATE FRIDAY 9AM: Highway 50 reopened Friday morning. Expect delays and partial lane closures. Westbound traffic is reduced to 1 lane from Riverton to Pollock Pines.

UPDATE: The King Fire was much less active Thursday and firefighters were able to gain control on the southwestern end of the fire near Pollock Pines. The fire is 10 percent contained as of Thursday night and has consumed 73,124 acres, Cal Fire officials said.

According to a Cal Fire public information officer the northernmost 'finger' of fire is around the west side of Hellhole Reservoir, headed to Chipmunk Ridge. There was structure protection preparation work at Hellhole Reservoir.

Smoke levels continue to plague western Nevada, particularly Carson City and Reno but the forecast calls for winds to change direction some and drive the smoke away, according a National Weather Service forecast discussion briefing issued Thursday night.

The Carson Senators took on the Hawks of Hug High Thursday at home on the volleyball court. The Senators made quick work of the Hawks, taking care of business in less than an hour 25-3, 25-12, 25-12. It was a relatively textbook victory for the Senators, who at no point really seemed to struggle to put the Hawks away.